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Custom Blackout Curtains and Draperies

Add That Touch Of Elegance To Your Home Theater Experience!
Home Theater Velvet Drapes add a finished touch of elegance to your Home Theater experience.Your Home Theater Curtains can be integrated with a smart home using dry contact, IR RS232 or Radio Controls and a Motorized Drapery Track System will allow smooth operation with the touch of a button.

Having professional home theater curtains allows for the best home movie theater experience. Imagine having your custom home theater curtains that cover your projection screen and start to open at the beginning of your movie.  It really adds a theatrical flair, as well as protecting your screen when not in use.

Non-reflective, sound absorbing velvet theater curtains for Home Theater made with materials such as velvet, velour, and velveteen in rich deep tones are perfectly suited for Home Theater applications.

Blackout Theater Curtains are made to your exact specification to coordinate with your decor and are available with a special blackout lining and noise reduction material. 
At Automated Shade, we offer a wide range of gorgeous fabrics will provide the perfect selection to enhance your home theater decor.
Drapery Fabrics
Your existing home theater drapery can be motorized with a drapery track system as well.  Let us show you how.
Motorized Drapery Rods
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