The Somfy Z Wave to Radio Technology Somfy Interface (ZRTSI) is a Z-Wave bridge controller that receives Z Wave transmissions and translates them to motor control commands for Somfy's range of Radio Technology Somfy (RTS) motors. The ZRTSI resides as a bridge controller node within a Z Wave Network and becomes a repeating node in the mesh network. The ZRTSI also features Network Wide Inclusion (NWI) which allows inclusion and exclusion to take advantage of the mesh topology of Z Wave networks. Z-wave devices from all manufacturers can be used in the same network together. 


The ZRTSI has 1 base node and 16 virtual nodes. The 16 virtual nodes correspond to 16 RTS channels that, once programmed to the ZRTSI, duplicate all settings associated with each channel for RTS motor control within Z Wave networks. The ZRTSI requires 110V AC power and can be plugged into any standard outlet.


Somfy recommends one ZRTSI be used for each 25' to 35' area where RTS motors are present.
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Application(s) Exterior Solar Screens
Retractable Awnings
Rolling shutter
Projection screen
Interior Window Coverings
Home Automation
TaHomA - Total Home Automation
Retractable Insect Screens
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